increasing the visibility of every kind of body.

( please submit your own photos: fat, thin, any race, anywhere on the gender spectrum, nude, clothed--
any type of body that needs some more visibility. you know who you are.)

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what do we mean by “visibility”?


Growing up as someone who doesn’t fit the description of “pretty” or “attractive”, for any variety of reasons, is really hard. It’s hard to look through a magazine and not see one person who looks anything like you. It’s hard to go to the movies and watch people who look like you tokenized and being killed within the first thirty minutes. It’s hard to see nothing but smooth-as-glass airbrushed skin everywhere if yours doesn’t look like that. It’s hard to feel valid if the models of beauty placed before you aren’t like you at all.


How different would it be if we had access to images of people who look like us? How different would it have been for you as a little kid if you saw a picture of someone who looked just like you—same body type, same hair, same skin tone—looking happy and being revered as an icon of beauty?


That’s the purpose of this blog: to put out as many images as we can of people who might look like you, or like someone you love. Visibility is just being seen: being seen as beautiful, relevant, a human being—beautiful as a whole and not “despite” anything about you.