increasing the visibility of every kind of body.

( please submit your own photos: fat, thin, any race, anywhere on the gender spectrum, nude, clothed--
any type of body that needs some more visibility. you know who you are.)

*** the admins of this blog tend to reblog photos from other blogs a lot. if you notice we have reblogged your photo and you would prefer it not be on here, please let us know and we will delete it without hesitation. ***

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feel free to submit your own photos! Keep in mind that this is a safe space for people who are not likely to see bodies like theirs in popular media. That means we focus on people who are fat, queer, trans*, disabled, people of color, and in general bodies that really need some visibility.

There are no major guidelines except that we ask conventionally attractive people, especially thin, white, cismales respect that their bodies are already prevalent in the media.

Obviously there are some intersections of privilege that we can’t see by looking at a body. If you need to, leave a note in your submission about why you need some visibility!

Updated: We request that submitters exclude excessive nudity. Images containing genitalia will only be posted if your genitals are directly related to the oppression you experience.
For example, we will accept nude photos of trans and non-cis people, but not those of cis people, especially white cis people. Please accept that there is already plenty of visibility for nude cis people on pretty much every other blog in existence apart from ours. Thanks for understanding!

(If you have a suggestion for the tags, please let us know!)