increasing the visibility of every kind of body.

( please submit your own photos: fat, thin, any race, anywhere on the gender spectrum, nude, clothed--
any type of body that needs some more visibility. you know who you are.)

*** the admins of this blog tend to reblog photos from other blogs a lot. if you notice we have reblogged your photo and you would prefer it not be on here, please let us know and we will delete it without hesitation. ***

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Vizzzibility started off as a self-portrait project for Molly’s senior thesis project at Maryland Institute College of Art, but it quickly became apparent that visibility is needed for all bodies. In order for the project to be successful, it would need to include many other bodies, not just one.


We are all constantly inundated with bodies that show an ideal of beauty that barely anyone matches up to: thin, white, cisgender, clear skin, no body hair, relaxed hair, as Westernized as possible. While there is nothing inherently wrong with fitting those descriptors, those images surround us so much that it is really easy to forget that other things are beautiful, too.


The purpose of this blog is to increase visibility for all bodies as much as we can. Every single person who has been pictured here in the past, and every person who will be pictured in the future, is beautiful, valid, and important.


Please feel free to submit your own photos. You belong here.