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September Masterpost: 120 Trans Ladies you need to know.


Hello followers! The month of September has drawn to a close, and while this means that womenwhokickass is back to our usual posts, we’re already busy working on the next theme! (If you ask us nicely, we may tell you!)

In any case, it was wonderful writing for you all this month, and I hope you all will stick around to see the kickass women I have lined up for you over the next few months! As always, our ask is open for suggestions, questions and feedback!

Until then, here’s a master-list of everyone we posted for September. Enjoy!


  1. Janet Mock
  2. Yollada “Nok” Suanyot
  3. Harmony Santana
  4. Vladimir Luxuria
  5. Mariah Morena (Amanda “The Blood Thirsty Vixen”)
  6. Jin Xing
  7. Jacqueline Charlotte Dufresnoy (Coccinelle)
  8. Dorce Gamalama
  9. Bamby Salcedo
  10. Angelica Ross
  11. Dana International
  12. Joan Roughgarden
  13. Karina Samala
  14. Michelle Dumaresq
  15. Megie Megawatie
  16. Justina Williams
  17. Lynn Conway
  18. Marsha P Johnson
  19. Sophie Wilson
  20. Titica
  21. Julia Ehrt
  22. Kim Petras
  23. Dr. Marisa Richmond
  24. Laura Jane Grace
  25. Isis King
  26. Amanda Simpson
  27. Shuniyya Ruhama Habiiballah
  28. Andy Marra
  29. Dr Julia Serano
  30. Candis Cayne
  31. Tona Brown
  32. Nina Poon
  33. Jamie Clayton
  34. Marci L. Bowers
  35. Parinya Charoenphol
  36. Christine Beatty
  37. Ceyenne Doroshow
  38. Aya Kamikawa
  39. Kalki Subramaniam
  40. Raewyn Connell
  41. Kim Coco Iwamoto
  42. Audrey Tang
  43. Kate Craig-Wood
  44. Miss Major
  45. Ruby Jade Corado
  46. Ibu Mariyani
  47. Danielle Bunten Berry
  48. Chiya Fujino
  49. Rebecca Heineman
  50. Tamsyn Waterhouse
  51. Michelle Duff
  52. Maryam Molkara
  53. Micha Cárdenas
  54. Manabi Banerjee
  55. Christina Hayworth
  56. Jennell Jaquays
  57. Carmen Rupe
  58. Amaranta Gomez Regalado
  59. (Letitia Winter)Fey Presto
  60. Maddie Blaustein
  61. Valerie Spencer
  62. Kokumo
  63. Sir Lady Java
  64. Audrey Mbugua
  65. Tanwarin Sukkhapisit
  66. Dionne Stallworth
  67. Cheryl-Courtney Evans
  68. Shigeyuki Kihara
  69. Tracie Jada O’Brien
  70. Trudie Jackson
  71. Sokari Ekine
  72. Dr. Vena Sele
  73. Crystal Johnson Kerinaiua “Crystal Love”
  74. Zoe Belle
  75. Alexandra Billings 
  76. Baby Dee
  77. Harisu/Lee Kyung-eun
  78. Charlie Anders
  79. Nuntita Khampiranon/Bell Nunita
  80. Martine Rothblatt
  81. Khartini Slamah
  82. Tonette Lopez
  83. Kalina Isato
  84. Angie Xtravaganza
  85. Roz Kaveney
  86. Yuli Retoblaut “Mami Yulie”
  87. Andrea James
  88. Calpernia Addams
  89. Rachel Pollack
  90. Marcela Romero
  91. Belissa Andia
  92. Lydia Foy
  93. Silvia Martinez
  94. Christina Mavuma
  95. Natasha Jiménez
  96. Johana Ramirez
  97. Nisha Ayub
  98. Cecilia Chung
  99. Lorena Borjas
  100. Catiria Reyes “Lady Catiria”
  101. Anna Anthropy
  102. Caitlín Kiernan
  103. Nath-Sakura
  104. Monica Roberts
  105. Greer Lankton
  106. Carla Delgado Gómez “Carla Antonelli”
  107. Romy Haag
  108. Maki Yamazaki
  109. Jordana LeSesne “1.8.7”
  110. Lorrainne Sade Baskerville
  111. Earline Budd
  112. Mirha-Soliel Ross
  113. Morgan M. Page
  114. Ryka Aoki
  115. Roberta Angela Dee
  116. Christina Kahrl
  117. Mara Keisling
  118. Elizabeth Marie Rivera-Valentine
  119. Mesma S. Belsare
  120. Ja’briel Walthour

a reminder to everyone that, though trans women are nowhere near enough included in queer dialogues and spaces, they are here, they are important, and you need to stop erasing them. 

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