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I’m Claudia. I have Idiopathic Early Onset Torsion Dystonia. I use a wheelchair most of the time I’m out, but I walk around my apartment I share with my Partner, Mr. C. We have been together for more than a decade. He doesn’t care how old I am or what I can’t do, but he wishes I was more about cleaning up. I don’t blame him. I’m often a hot mess. Dishes in my office, shoes everywhere and way too much clothes. I can assure you I’m worth it. 

Let’s see. I’m not in my 20’s,  I eat A LOT, have a vast make up collection that I rarely over indulge in, I’m short & I do very little to my hair. I must admit, I have days that are not at all fashionable. I started this blog because I don’t see enough fashion blogs with disabled broads AND couture inspiration in them. When I say “disability” I’m not talking about just the kind of disabilities you’d expect, but disabling conditions that are daily annoyances as well as HUGE issues that can destroy any semblance of healthy body image, self esteem or even self worth. Let’s face it, the worlds of couture fashion & disability NEVER collide. I’m here because ALL interesting and experienced women are worth a good, admiring look, not just things that should look good. I’m also here because I love fashion & appreciate the occasional costume based outfit just for kicks. I don’t remember not enjoying fashion. I grew up waiting for weekly installments of “Style with Elsa Klensch” on CNN.

I would also never have done this blog without my BFF of more than two decades, Zoe. Her primary disability was ETOH. Hahahah…That’s a joke, y’all. As time has progressed, that too has changed but that’s her story to tell. And she will soon in a post because she is a co conspirator in this critically lauded project.

I will answer your questions if I deem them fit to answer and in the manner I want to answer them.

@ Haight St. Fair; Thrifted top & skirt. Shoes: Dr. Martens

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