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Trans* Housing Now - 
Welcome to Queens Cottage Shelter!
Thank you for viewing our campaign. We are a small, grassroots organization that is working with the community to open the first Bay Area trans* women housing program - Queens Cottage Shelter. 
When our founder, Breezy Golden-Farr, a transwoman herself, found herself homeless and without a place to lay her head, she came face to face with a real problem in our community. There is no safe and affordable housing for trans* women in the Bay Area. 
Trans* people are often shunned and abused by the shelter system; they are often forced to sleep on the streets because they are abused and harassed by other shelter residents. Trans* women sorely lack a safe haven, where they can go for supportive housing. Queens Cottage Shelter will work with local partners to help empower residents reach for their goals of recovery, employment, school, and stable housing.    
Miss Farr’s and others have been working tirelessly to open the first ever all transwoman housing program and Oakland. They have teamed up with Transitions House - a trans* housing advocacy group to make this dream a reality. We hope you will join us with passion we have for trans* affirming housing! This dream needs your passion and financial support. 
How can I help?
Though our goal here is modest, it will allow us to start our fundraising for the following:
Help find a residence for Queens Cottage Shelter
Help us start and open our doors to 10 homeless trans women in need of your support. 
Your support will provide short term housing to our community most impacted by violence and discrimination, TWOC and low income trans women. 
Residents will be supported in the house to get connected to community resources including job search support by the Trans* Employment Program (TEEI), healthcare services, and case management. 
It will mean trans* people have access to safe housing, showers, and free meals. 
Thank you for supporting this important and needed trans housing program. As our unique way of saying thank you for helping house trans* women of color and low income trans* folks, please check out our perks. Including buttons, t-shirts, and more! At certain donor levels, you even have the opportunity to sit down and meet these girls and hear their story. See first hand  what your financial assistance means to them. And remember, anything will help! 
Thank You! 
We are a registered with the IRS as a non-profit charity and we accept donations of all kinds. Any dollar amount, no matter how small, will be welcomed. Every dollar given is a dollar much appreciated!

This is so important. Only 5 people have backed this so far. Give what you can! Signal boost!
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Indian, fat, and not ashamed of my body. I blog over here ♥
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