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Sometimes I get so hurt and devastated by fatphobia and I have little panic attacks about how awful things can feel. Other days I just feel profoundly sad for everyone else. How sad it is to be a human who doesn’t understand how beautiful I am. That must suck.

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The Black Panther Party opened many People’s Free Medical Clinics all over the United States beginning in the 1970’s. They give higher quality medicine to marginalized communities that are excluded from quality health care. They emphasize the health of Black communities, children, and poor communities. They also work to demystify medical knowledge, teaching the basics of personal medical care to the people who recieve medical services. They ran an alternate system of ambulances, allowing people who had been ignored by mainstream ambulance services due to racist drivers and rules. In an annoucement of the PFMC in Berkeley:

"We have initiated a Free Health Clinic to combat the health problems which exist among poor and oppressed people. We realize that a person’s health is his most valuable possession. We also realize that helath care and inadequate facilities can be used as a tool to perpetuate genocide against a people. We know that as long as the oppressor controls the institutions within our oppressed communities, we will be subjected to institutionalized genocide whether it comes from inadequate housing, the barrel of a pig’s shotgun, or for inadequate medical attention…[We] must create institutions that are controlled and maintained by the people."

They also emphasize the importance of health to revolutionary work—acknowleding the physical toll that activism takes on the body.

People’s Free Medical Clinics still exist around the U.S., although their heyday was in the 1970’s.

This info is so important!!!! It totally resists the common mainstream constructions of the Black Panther Party. The current existance of these clinics is also important to recongize—the Party still is active and revolutionary!

Info AND IMAGES come from the extremely interesting book Body and Soul: The Black Panter Party and the Fight Against Medical Discrimination by Alondra Nelson. I really recommend reading at least this chapter, available online:

Other info:

An interview with Alondra Nelson

Another interview:

 “The clinics were established to not only help the broader communities that the Panthers were working in, but to help the Panthers themselves,” Nelson told “In interviewing about the clinics, people conveyed to me that this was a place that they felt comfortable going to, that was nearby, and it was also the case that the Panther clinics were open late in the evenings, say 5 to 9, so people could go after work and seek medical care.”

However impressive the success of the clinics, Nelson says it was mostly the Party’s involvement in a self-constructed sickle cell screening program that piqued her interest in the organization’s healthcare work and served as the inspiration for the book. 

“I thought to myself, ‘These are people who are teenagers and in their early 20s doing a large-scale genetic screening program — talk about revolutionary!’” she said. 

The Black Panther Party organized a clinic post-Hurricane Katrina

The Panther imprint is also present in post-Katrina New Orleans. The idea for the Common Ground Health Clinic, which arose fill the gap left by the collapse of the city’s medical infrastructure, was inspired by similar programs that co-founder Malik Rahim developed as a member of the New Orleans chapter of the Party. Now an established institution, this Black Panther-inspired clinic has served more than sixty thousand people since it was established in September 2005.”

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So I decided to take photos of all the lace saris. I also wanted to pair some of them up with my corsets, on top of them. 


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Jake’s mom is a total badass


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When Seattle drag queen Olivia LaGarce found herself locked out of her Facebook account she created a Change.Org petition to raise awareness about the plight of drag performers, trans people, sex workers, the formerly abused, the stalked, and everyone else who, for whatever reason, don’t use their real name on Facebook. Now Olivia (new Facebbok name: David Owens) has come on to Transformations to symbolically do to James St. James’ what Facebook has been doing to thousands of people across the world. It’s PROTEST ART in action! Watch it now, join the discussion, and follow the link to sign the petition: (via Transformations SPECIAL EDITION: Facebook Real Name Policy Protest)

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Some great plus size models in amazing photoshoots: Tess Munster, Chenese Lewis, Rayna Salcido Alvarez, Kelsey Olson, Jessica Jerome, Naomi Watanabe, Zoe Melissa Mae, Kailee O’Sullivan, Griselangel Paula, Kisura Nyoto, Lorna Litz, Ava Sfez, Jen Dickerson, Natalie Drue Hage

oh holy crap that’s me

hi me

how you doing

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Feeling cute in my new undies. Moving soon and would like to make more bodyposi friends, hit me up if you’re from the midwest. :)
usa. size 16.


Feeling cute in my new undies. Moving soon and would like to make more bodyposi friends, hit me up if you’re from the midwest. :)

usa. size 16.

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Just received my copy of I Am Jazz! Found a quote by Laverne in it… :) 

I Am Jazz is the story of a transgender child based on the real-life experience of Jazz Jennings, who has become a spokesperson for trans kids everywhere.

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BRING CHESTER CHILD-CAT (aka Manham McHeadkicker) HOME!

Chester (& Jess) are really important animals in my life and Chester has recently experienced some real painful and mysterious stuff going on with his body. Along with his littermates, Chester was rescued three years ago out of a neo-nazi’s garbage can in West Virginia and has been with Jess since then. He’s always around for head rubs when I get home and have to stress-cry while eating a sandwich on our kitchen floor, loves snuggling with the various people who come through the house, and is incredibly  talented when it comes to punching paper bags and knocking over cups. 

We almost lost him the other day and Jess is having to deal with some incredibly draining vet bills. We are still figuring out what turn his health will take as of today, but spread if you know anyone who could send help their way. I know money is a struggle for everyone but anything would help an excellent radical queer punk and her kitten out.

Help queer punk kitties!

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Dascha Polanco at the Tracy Reese Fashion Show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015

I forgot to breathe

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